Hunter Harm for Bait Buddies

Ok, let's just get it out there first. Are you straight, bi or gay? If you're gay, I'll let you fuck me right now. If you're bi or gay, I'll still let you fuck me right now!

I first identified as a straight male when I went to college, having girlfriends and sleeping with women, let's be real a dick was meant for a vagina. Then when I was 22 years of age I had my first sexual experience with a man thinking I was going home with his roommate who was a girl. I realized when he was on top of me that I was attracted to males and the raw hard connection I got when feeling strong hands pull my shirt off and grab my jaw and back and pull me in close. However, through the past years I have found I think I am more attracted to personalities than I am just directly for one sex or the other.

I am ruthless in bed because I can last a super long time while sliding deep inside of a man and I'm vicious in the bedroom  

So now you can go into detail about your straight bait scene or not and tell me if its fact or fiction too. You get to give Remi Mint some of that giant cock of yours. How was he to work with?

Remi Mint was the first porn actor that I was able to work with, for Bait Buddies, and let me tell you we had a great five days in Florida together. We still chat on the phone and text, he for sure was super fun to work with and to get to meet on a regular level. I will say he can play pool, kicked my ass twice and I am pretty good at pool. I was nervous for the first time on set and Remi helped relax my nerves and leaned over started kissing me and it was on from that point! Remi also is a champ at taking a massive cock as he did and enjoyed it as well!

Hunter Harm fucks Remi Mint on Bait Buddies

I'm extremely jealous you get to fuck Bryan Cole in your scene for Extra Big Dicks. Is it as good as it looked?

Holy Hell, Bryan Cole is someone I would take home after a club anytime. We definitely had a connection which made the shoot fly by, finishing just in time for me to catch my flight home. We also still chat and hope to do another scene. When we started making out I immediately new that there were sparks. It was for sure a super hot scene, and I would recommend anyone signs up for Extra Big Dicks purely for that scene, you will not be disappointed whatsoever.

Hunter Harm fucks Brian Cole for Extra Big Dicks

Does that ass ever get penetrated or you strictly a top? Any chance your fans will get to see you take it on camera?

I am way more of a top, who wouldn't want to see a massive thick cock sliding into a perfect ass!? Granted, as I have found through my twitter account, many guys and men love seeing a hung dude get fucked good and hard. I think I will keep fans guessing and waiting for the penetration of my tight ass. One day they might see the pain but pleasure and the eyes rolling back in my head from a cock or two sliding deep inside of me.

Ever since I realized what porn was I wanted to get involved because I knew I had a larger cock than normal. Every person I met in college knows/knew I wanted to become a porn star and most of them agreed and said I should try. Yes, most of the views from my scenes might be straight friends from the bars because they didn't believe I actually had done it. I am the movie star in my college town now. They want to have a viewing party at one of the bars. I was like "okay lets do it!" But I am so excited to get involved in the industry and see where it can take me.

Oh boy do I have a bucket list of studios, I assume you would like to know them? Anything shot with, Helix Studios, Hot House,, Tim Tales, and Man Royale. As to porn stars, well Bryan Cole for sure was one, even though I had never seen him. He would be at the top of my list to be with again. However, I would love to work with - get ready - Chris Knox, Cody Shane, Connor Halsted, Doug Acre, Duncan Black, JD Ryder, Leo Sweetwood, Morgan Shades, and obviously the always gorgeous, beautiful man Jimmy Fanz.

Alright, give me your ultimate sexual fantasy. Direct a scene starring yourself.

Umm sexual fantasy! So would I be acting in the fantasy or a scene I would want to do? Well I guess there are actually two sexual fantasies. I let you choose which one you think is hotter. First, hosting a party and having a boy tied up in my bed doggie style, and whenever my friends or I get horny we go up and pound him but gag him so no one downstairs can hear, his moans of pleasure. Second would be while I am at work having a guy come into my bathroom and when I am horny dip into the bathroom slip down my pants and slam him good and hard till I blow a load all over his nice ass!

Both! So, what about off screen? Do you have any hobbies? Do you work or go to school?

I just recently graduated from a college in Virginia with a degree in Horticulture with a focus in Landscape Design/Contracting. But currently I am front of house manager at a restaurant in my town trying to save up to make a move to Denver, CO. I have lots of hobbies, I first love sports, soccer, tennis, and running. I love snow skiing - probably my favorite thing to do. I grew up skiing in Colorado and Jackson Hole, WY. I also love the outdoors and going to cross fit.

Hunter Harm selfie

Favorite question to end on: what is one word that best describes you as a performer and why?

I would say one word would be ruthless because whether I am in bed, at a shoot, applying for jobs, or speaking with my awesome agent, Howard, I am constantly trying to further my career. But taking the word to bed, I am ruthless in bed because I can last a super long time while sliding deep inside of a man and I'm vicious in the bedroom, hence why I would love to get involved in some more kink porn. I also am ruthless for my fans and the people that love to watch me wreck a nice hole.

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