Exclusive! Jon Galt's Comeback Interview Exclusive! Jon Galt's Comeback Interview

When Jon Galt walked away from gay porn seven years ago, he was at the top of his game. Starting in 2000, the screen stud made more than 20 films as a Titan Men exclusive and later as a model for Falcon, Hot House and other major studios. So where did this gay porn superstar disappear to? GayDemon recently had the pleasure of talking to Galt to find out. And he just happens to be resuming his career, filming two new scenes with his boyfriend and fellow porn star Vic Rocco.

In his first interview in seven years, Galt told GayDemon that his decision to leave the industry was a conscious one. "I definitely didn't want to be one of those guys in porn who people were thinking, Sweet baby Jesus, is he still making movies?" Galt says with a laugh. He adds that he made a promise to himself that when he was no longer enjoying it, he would get out of the business. "When I left it was still fun for me," he says, "but I felt I had done all that I could do. My fans always tell me that when watching me they never felt it was acting or mechanical, and I wanted to stop before it became that way for me."

Even though he wasn't making movies, Galt says that he kept "a toe in the water" by posing for nudes in erotic art books for top photographers such as Tom Bianchi, Michael Alago and Charles Thomas Rogers. But he adds that he always missed the industry while away. "There was not a day that went by that I didn't miss it," he says. "I would get especially 'home sick' when fans would come up to me, seven years later, saying how much they love my work." At age 47, Galt is still tanned, toned and muscled (as you can see in these exclusive pics from his new shoot). He's also added a few new tattoos. He says that part of his return to movies is to prove that "you don't have to be a twentysomething to have an amazing body and physique." He says that fans should get ready for "a lot of new stuff to come from the 'daddy' version of Jon Galt."

I felt I had done all that I could do. My fans always tell me that when watching me they never felt it was acting or mechanical, and I wanted to stop before it became that way for me.  

After dropping off the radar, Galt had been working at the "day job" he loves and living in Seattle. But after more than 25 years there, he says that he couldn't stand the weather anymore, so he took a vacation to Hawaii, where he met current partner Vic Rocco. Together, they decided to move to Fort Lauderdale. The couple, who have been together for two and a half years, started doing photo shoots together but had never filmed a scene. Until now. "Working for High Performance Men was a dream job," Galt says. "I got to work with my über sexy husband, having amazing sex and being able to share that for others to see our intense connection together. We are both exhibitionists, so it was perfect!"

When asked how he's adapting to the brave new technological world of gay porn, Galt says, "I have definitely become a lot more active on Twitter [find him @jongaltxxx]. But with the Internet, now anybody with a big dick and a video camera can be in porn. In my days, there were names that you recognized who brought an electric magnetism to the movies they were in. It was a breed of masculinity that I think is missing from a lot of today's porn."

But Galt seems intent on bringing it back through his work with Rocco. Both tattooed muscle hunks have signed with FabScout for representation, and they just worked together again for the Men Over 30 site. Galt says that a scene for Chi Chi LaRue is also on tap for next month. As for whether they will perform exclusively as a couple, Galt adds, "Right now we want to only work together in scenes, be they one-on-one, groups or threeways. We play well with others."

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