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I love masterbating. We all know this. It's fun to find new talent and stick with them for awhile. Going through all of their scenes is like a journey. A journey that always ends well. Welcome in to the GayDemon Lounge donkey-dicked Andrew Doncaster.

Ok, so I'll admit I just discovered you recently when cruising through twitter with my hand down my pants. The first scene I clicked on was for Wank This with yourself and Derek Nocturne tag teaming the fuck out of Matt Watson including double penetration. Had you ever done that before? What was that like to be filmed? Did it take awhile?

That was an interesting scene for all 3 of us involved. It was everyone's first time trying out double penetration so working it out was definitely time consuming. Matt handled two dicks better than most can handle one, so I have to give him props for that.

I don't want to give away too much with the Helix Studios stuff that is coming out. I will say to look for a flip flop scene though. You guys will love it.  

Bait Buddies is always fun because it features a straight guy. I love the fact that we're the same and enjoy the straight fantasy. So is it all scripted or was your scene partner, Mike Edge, actually a straight guy. I'll give you credit for being a good little bottom boy in that scene :)

In that particular scene one of us had to be the straight one and Mike got that task. I felt he did a great job in portraying a straight man's reaction to being told he would not be getting to fuck a chick but rather another guy. Definitely had a good time with that scene for it being my very first scene ever.

You have one hell of a talent you should just admit to people when you meet them. You can suck your own fucking cock as you're getting pounded. In your scene for Dallas Reeves, you get pounded out by Jack King. What's Jack like to work with? How about Dallas Reeves?

That was my second scene so I was still a bit nervous about everything but Dallas is an incredible producer and he does everything to make the performers feel comfortable. Jack is very experienced so I think his skill really helped me to get through the scene. As we were working out the positions in that scene, they saw that my dick was basically hitting my face while I was getting fucked so they encouraged me to show off my talent.

Andrew Doncaster Dallas Reeves

A scene with Cock Virgins, a part of Pride Studios, is super cheesy but super hot. It's called "Did You Hear That" and Brett Cox is on the lucky end of getting to fuck you when you get scared just enough by a horror movie. You actually get to do a bit more acting in this one. Do you always get a script and lines to say when doing a porn shoot? Is it tough to stay in character? Are you always being directed, or is it pretty much ad-libbing?

This was one of my favorite scenes to date. Generally we are given a basic run down of the scene when we get on set but this one was a bit more involved than some of the other scenes I've done. We were given lines throughout the scene but they left us to interpret the portrayal of our characters. Staying in character wasn't too difficult especially when I got to work with a hot scene partner like Brett.

So do you enjoy to top or bottom more because you do a pretty good fucking job at both? How big is that thing anyway? Is sex on camera hotter because it's being filmed or a pain in the ass because it has to look just right?

I consider myself completely versatile so it really depends on my mood haha. The last time I measured it was right around 9 - 9.5 inches. I find that having sex on camera can have its moments of frustration but it always turns out to be hot in the end which is obviously what the fans want.

So one of my favorite sites right now is Sketchy Sex. I don't know what it is about that shit, but it just gets me off. I kind of hate you because you get to join in on the gang bang of one of my favorite pig bottoms, Eli Hunter who I've also gotten the chance to interview. What is shooting for Sketchy Sex like? Please tell me what it's like to be balls deep inside the gorgeous bubble butt of Eli Hunter.

Sketchy Sex was a bit of an adventure for me. It was definitely outside of the realm of what most people think porn is like. In reality though every site is done a little differently. I found that site a lot of fun to work with because we had a group of guys that were on set everyday together so we got to bond. The shoot itself was fairly demanding as some of us had several costume changes throughout the 6-8 hour days. Eli was so much fun to work with. His attitude and humor made for some great times on set. He definitely has an ass for the industry though. He handled not just my own but several other well-endowed boys.

So now that you have joined the porn rankings, do you plan on hanging around awhile. I hear there are some Helix Studios scenes coming out as well. Please tell.

I am definitely planning on sticking around in the industry for some time. I have been learning both the modeling side and the production side of the industry as an assistant for Rare Cargo Studios (Dallas Reeves). I don't want to give away too much with the Helix Studios stuff that is coming out. I will say to look for a flip flop scene though. You guys will love it.

Ok you are your own director. Feature a scene with you as the star. Who's in it and what's going on. This will help us get to know just what's going on in that brain of yours.

I am a very romantic person so I would do a scene where I am with someone who is supposed to be my boyfriend. It would be set up with me finishing up in the shower and my scene partner would be naked and waiting in bed for me. I would come out of the shower with a towel wrapped around me. My partner would then tell me to get in bed. We would make out and gradually work our way down into sucking each other. Then I would flip him around and give him a rim job and proceed to fucking him doggie style. Then I would pull out and let him rim and fuck me. Then he would stop and would flip again into missionary where I would fuck him until we both blew our hot loads.

Andrew Doncaster Selfie

Outside of porn are you in school? Working? What are some things you like to do outside of the bedroom?

As I mentioned before, I work as Dallas Reeve's assistant. I am also studying Information Technology and Marketing in college. My biggest passion is music which I mentioned in one of my previous scenes. I play trumpet, piano, guitar and I also sing a bit. I also like to go to the beach and amusement parks (especially Disney World).

I always end on this. What's one word that best describes you as a performer and why?

Charismatic. I feel that I bring my personality out in my performances. Some performers fail to realize that to truly connect with an audience you have to be a real person. I think in bringing part of myself to my performances will make me not only stand out as a performer but also make people get to know and remember me.

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