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There's nothing like a little interracial sex. Damian has always wanted to fuck a black guy, and he got his chance when he decided to do a hardcore shoot for Blake Mason. They hooked him up with Drew, who is black and has a big, thick rod. Both Drew and Damian are bisexual guys who are horny for cock, so things got off to a great start. The guys starting making out enthusiastically, kissing and fondling. While they kissed, they were opening each others' zippers and reaching for each others' cocks. And let me tell you, those cocks got hard almost instantly. Drew and Damian couldn't keep their hands and lips off each other!

Before you know it, Drew and Damian are out of their clothes and Damian is playing with Drew's massive black dick - it's the biggest he's ever seen in person and he can't get enough of it.

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Damian eagerly goes down on Drew's mighty manmeat, which proves to be much more than a mouthful. Luckily Damian is more than equal to the task and apparently has no gag reflex - he deep throats Drew's gigantic monster cock!

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Then Damian decides he can't wait any longer - he wants some ass! He slides his rod into Drew's tight hole and fucks him hard from behind as Drew keeps jerking his hardon and enjoys getting fucked.

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