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Carter only just did his first jerk-off solo for Corbin Fisher a couple of weeks ago and he's already back doing his first guy-on-guy sex scene. And this interracial jock sex session is definitely a keeper, wait until you see Austin's massive cumshot. Austin and Carter have drool-worthy, hard-muscled bodies and it's hard to say who has the hotter body. Carter is bisexual, so plugging Austin's ass isn't a stretch, and Austin has had a lot of sex on the jock site, both fucking and getting fucked.

Carter and Austin kiss passionately and aggressively and strip out of their clothes. Then

Austin kisses Carter's cock and balls and then swallows Carter's delicious dick, bringing it to its full hardness. Carter climbs on top of Austin and the guys get into a sizzling 69 cocksucking session. Carter grabs Austin's legs and pulls them over his head, so now these two horny studs are 69 ass eating with Carter smacking Austin's beefy butt while tonguing his fuck hole.

Carter lies back and Austin mounts him, sliding his black fuck pole into his ass. Austin thrusts up and drills him deep. Austin's cock is standing straight up as he rides Carter's stiff cock. "Come on, fuck it," Carter says. And Austin grinds back and forth on Carter's dick, loving every inch.

But the best is yet to come. If there's any doubt that Austin likes getting fucked, it becomes abundantly clear when he shoots his load. Lying back with Carter thrusting between his legs, Austin finally blows his load. And it's a real monsoon of cum, with squirt after spurt blasting all over his abs and chest. Austin is completely drenched and all that cum looks deliciously hot. And as if Austin isn't covered in enough spunk, Carter jerks his cock and sprays all over the horny stud, even blasting all the way up to Austin's chest. This is one hot interracial jock sex scene that you're not going to want to miss.

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