I am really, really pleased on the rare occasion that I discover a porn site that is different from the norm and attempts to present a true concept of erotic fantasy as opposed to industrialized fucking and sucking which can be rather banal unless the models and action are exceptionally hot. While I don't wish to utilize the editorial forum to promote Web sites (since we have reviews for that), I do want to take a moment to praise trendsetters and innovators in the online porn industry. There aren't enough of them, but when we find one, they deserve all the attention they can get.

Case in point, I want to mention a site called HypnoThugs.com which I happened to discover in the GayDemon.com reviews section. I mention this site specifically because it emotes such a refreshing and unique spin on all-male porn, and in this case, black/African American porn. The idea behind the site is that hot young black thugs (gay, bi, straight) are hypnotized by a trained expert to perform sexual acts on camera, usually jacking off and occasionally boy-on-boy stuff. Some of the models are even hypnotized to cum into their own mouths which, I don't mind telling ya, is really, really erotic to see, especially by young, athletic black dudes with 10-inch dongs that are long, big and hard enough to put your eye out.

Now, it doesn't matter whether you believe the hypnosis is legitimate, although I think you may find some evidence in the videos which make it clear that, at least sometimes, these models are definitely not acting of their own free will. What matters is that the concept is unique in porn and the site is dedicated to exploring and presenting it in an erotic and exciting manner. Sure, the technical quality of the videos could be better, and some of the models are cuter than others, but the overall effect of the site is pleasing and sexy. Fans of thug porn will absolutely love it as will those who crave self oral cum shots.

Sites like HypnoThugs.com which have a clear and defined theme from which the producers don't stray add a breath of freshness to the industry, an entertaining alternative to standard porn which is generally predictable right down to the order of fucking positions and where the money shots are aimed. I'm also impressed by sites with bizarre themes, such as medical examinations or first-timers or sex that focuses on particular parts of the anatomy that are unusual. The point is, like anything, sex on screen can become typical and boring if there isn't something about it that's enticing in a way that is different or exceptional. I'm not just talking about fetish porn either. Porn which puts a spin on something is always welcome and I think there is a definite audience for it even if they don't necessarily understand the underlying eroticism.

I encourage you to support porn sites that have a unique voice in the industry and present something for you that you won't get anywhere else. It doesn't even have to be perfect. It's the thought and ambition that counts in this case, and luckily, some of these freaky sites have some excellent and super sexy material! But avoid that one chicken-fucking site. That's not innovative. That's disturbing. Ask the Colonel.



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