inked kenny

I love hairy men, that's no secret. But I'm always on the lookout for artists who use the hairy, masculine man as inspiration and display him in some way we might not expect. I love everything from comic books and animation to photography and sculpture, and of course, I love gay porn, too, which can be an art form unto itself. Inked Kenny is a Toronto photographer who walked away from a lucrative career in the fashion world. And thank God he did because he has photographed some stunningly handsome, hairy men. He uses natural shadows, hot spots, and imperfections to create a sexy mood in his photographs, something that's hard to achieve with the harsh lighting of fashion photography. And he draws from the energy of the men for his inspiration for settings and themes. He doesn't consider himself an artist, but more of a storyteller, but instead of telling a story through words, he using imagery. You'll find several pages of photographs at Inked Kenny, and if you're so inclined, you can contact him - he has several pieces available for purchase. His website says that he's got books, t-shirts, calendars, and cards coming soon, too. But aside from the merchandising, you really should head over to Inked Kenny - he's photographed some hot, fucking men, and his skill as a photographer makes them look even more sexy.

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