Gay Men From India Not Interested In Anal

Recently India's national GLBT magazine Pink Pages commissioned a survey on the sex habits of its male readers. This was the first survey of its kind. Over 500 Indian men, who identify as gay or bisexual, responded. Though not scientific in nature, the results were nonetheless surprising.

Of the 500-plus men polled, an astounding 25% said they have never engaged in anal sex at all. However most of the men who did engage in anal sex said they did so between the ages of 18 to 21.

Of those who do participate in anal sex, the position of choice is versatile. 40% said they like to switch it up. Not to be an exclusive top or bottom. Roughly 20% said they were bottom/passive. While a low 10% said they were strictly top. The remaining number said they could go either way, and don't want to define their choice of position.

It also seems that guys from India are not that promiscuous. Either that or there are too few opportunities to get laid. At the low end only 4% said they had more than 250 partners in their lifetime. While at the high end, 17% said they have had between 11 to 20 partners. Everything in between seems to be between 1 to 5 partners for the majority.

Judging by the amount of partners in their lifetime, it might seem that Indian guys don't have much opportunities to hook-up. But when they do they seem to make the most of it. The top five favorite things to do in bed are; watching porn while having sex, underwear, sex with a complete stranger, barebacking and sex in the dorm or hostel.

To view the rest of the survey's results go to The Gay Men's Love & Sex Survey 2013.

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