• Bad gay sites


    Lately there's an ever-growing trend. Straight companies have heard that gay sites sell and that gay surfers have money. These companies set out to get their piece of the gay pie and end up with sites that either use text or content that is good for nothing more than a hearty laugh. Some of my notable favorites among these clueless gay websites will hopefully make you either smile or shake your head in disbelief.

    Twinks From the Hood is actually a pretty attractive site featuring black guys supposedly from the ghetto. The site tour is dark and packed with good looking ebony men. Only one thing is missing - there are no twinks on this tour! You'll see muscular and older black guys on this tour but what you won't see is slender 18 - 21 year old ebony twinks. So I give this site the "Clueless Gay Site" award for advertising a kind of model they don't even have.

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  • Golden boy - Adrian


    This hot lean and lanky golden boy hails from the Philippines, and is the newest addition to the lineup at AsianGuys. This oriental charmer has a gorgeous uncut cock and a great set of photos onsite, plus a full video of him jacking off that precum you see spotting those tight blue briefs he's wearing! Adrian is definitely a great addition to the huge collection of Asian boys already onsite at AsianGuys.com. If you haven't already done so, be sure to check it out today!

  • Boyride Blake


    Looks like Donovan has scored again in securing another hot guy to bring into the BoyRide collection! Check out these shots of Blake ... with those beautiful grey eyes and a ruffed up hair cut and facial hair that makes him look like he just got out of bed (one I'd like to be sharing, I might add!)

    Donovan says he spotted Blake while shopping at his local Target. Damn, I must need SOMETHING for the house, time to go do a little "shopping" of my own!

  • Do you like 'em cut?


    Do you like 'em cut? If so, meet Reed! Reed is our latest cutie from Perfect Guyz. He's absolutely gorgeous with a boyish smile and that boy-next-door look that makes him perfect for a photo shoot. And if that sexy smile and lean athletic body don't make you sit up and take notice, Reed isn't shy and has no problem getting his cock hard for the camera.

    Not only does Reed love showing off in photo shoots, he gets creative while he's modeling. He decided he wanted to show himself fucking a sex toy. He loves doing it, too - even though he says he's never done anything like that before.

    His enthusiasm, his playfulness, his hard dick - these are a few of the reasons why Reed is irresistable!

  • Not Reality, Part 2

    Some folks would have you believe that stereotypes don't exist, that stereotypes are merely a product of prejudicial and critical minds who oversimplify and categorize people based on superficial notions. This is certainly true to a great degree, but let's not pretend that stereotypes don't exist. Of course they exist! We run into them every day. And if there's anywhere that's full of '˜em, it's Internet chat rooms. This week we begin exploring some of these cybernetic stereotypes who we encounter so that we might try to better understand them.

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  • Andrew Bryant


    A "porn for pay" decision has come back to haunt one of the stars in recent Falcon Studio DVD releases. Twenty-two year old Josh Weast has been told he can no longer use the gym of a local private school in Illinois to coach their cheerleading squad after the principal discovered Weast had appeared in porn videos. Weast was not a school employee, but for the past three years he had been allowed to use the gym to coach about 40 girls and boys. He appears under the stage name, Andrew Bryant in Falcon's "Cross Country" and the Jocks-Falcon "Driver".

    Weast said he regrets making the videos, but added that he made them about a year ago at a time when he needed the money badly. He also said his private life should have no effect on his coaching activities.

    I agree that people need to keep their noses and biased judgments out of what others do on their own time, so long as it's not an illegal activity! Unfortunately, Weast has no way to rebuff the decision, as private religious schools have the legal right to enforce their own values. If anti-discrimination laws aren't violated, they can pretty much say and do whatever they wish in regards to whom they employ or allow on their property.

  • Hardcore Muscle


    I was in the mood for some serious real men hardcore fucking videos and cruised over to SexGaymes to see what was available. Man, they've got some hot action going on in their newest gymnasium movie, 'Hardcore Muscle', in the Gaymes Channel featuring Francois Sagat, Hussein and Jay! They're all hung like horses with perfect bubble butts, and I've been waiting for SexGaymes to bring out the promised hardcore video with Parisian native Sagat since they first put up his solo set a few months ago.

    A sweaty and muscle popping workout in the gym turns into a three-way cock press frenzy. Check out the photos I grabbed of these guys as they rim, suck and fuck on the weight bench. And as with all SexGaymes videos, the camera coverage is fantastic, getting you up close and into the action.

  • Turin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival


    The 21st TurinĀ International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is poised to open April 20-27, 2006 with twelve films, including the NZ Film production of "50 Ways of Saying Fabulous".

    Starring Andrew Paterson, Harriet Beattie, Jay Collins, Michael Dorman, and Georgia McNeil, and directed by Stewart Main, the film is set in the long hot summer of 1975.

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  • All straight Nick


    Nick is only 20 but looks very mature and believe me he acts it. He is totally straight and I don't think he has ever really met that many gay guys.. Nick works as a trainer and has started to really get interested in the adult business as well. He loves the idea of people admiring his body and the attention he might get! And I do find his body sexy. It's manly and his ass is amazing. I mean really amazing its high and tight. Nick also has an amazing cock. Not too big and definitely not small. Just right!

  • Buck Angel - man with a pussy


    If you're not familiar with pornstar Buck Angel, he's a masculine and tattooed, a little on the rough side with a shaved head and usually smoking a big black cigar. He's also got a pussy. That's right - a pussy. Buck Angel is the only female-to-male transsexual pornstar on the web today, and he's hot!

    Buck is one of the nicest guys in porn and we were lucky enough to ask Buck some questions about his career in porn, and his answers are pretty interesting.

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