• Tattooed Bad Boy


    I do love my bad boys, so I was thrilled to stumble across Mike at Stroke that Dick. He's a 23-year-old delivery driver who calls Vancouver home. And he's sporting a 7.5-inch cock, which is a little on the thick side. I have a thing for bald guys, particularly ones who choose the look. And judging by the stubble on Mike's head, he's not going bald but shaves his head voluntarily. Both of his nipples are pierced and his body is covered in tattoos, and he's got another piercing in his chin. Mike looks pretty hot shirtless and wearing a pair of jeans, but I really love it when he gets completely naked because he's got the most beautiful, beefy thighs. And inbetween all that beef is a healthy set of low hanging balls. They're delicious. Mike spends a lot of his video clip in a whirlpool bath tub, jacking his meat while the water bubbles and swirls around. But for the grand finale, he's lying back on a bed, jacking his big dick with those pair of bull balls flopping up and done. And this boy can shoot a killer cumshot. It arcs across his belly and splatters on his chest and arm. It's amazing.

  • Cute, Horny and Scottish


    If you like hunky blondes, check out this one from Randy Blue! His name is Kyle and he's from Scotland. He has a muscular body, smooth skin and a beautiful hard cock. Kyle loves to show off when he's naked, so even though this was his very first photo shoot, he was a natural and comfortable in front of the camera.

    Kyle has a boyish face and a hot ass, but he's even sexier when he grabs his uncut cock with both hands and starts stroking it!

  • Good-Looking Hairy Man


    Bear Films sure does get some good-looking hairy men coming their way. What a hard job to be the photographer of this site. This hot, hairy hunk goes by the handle West Coast Baby Daddy. BD starts off his gallery wearing a pair of camouflage pants and a blue sleeveless shirt. His shirt is unbuttoned from the moment we lay eyes on him, so we get a real good look at his his torso. And it's beautiful. BD isn't terribly well-built, but he is solid. And I'm not complaining, by the way. He's got red-brown hair, sexy blue eyes, and a full beard. BD is a totally hot hunk of man. And wait until he slides those camouflage pants down -- what a gorgeous pair of beefy thighs. Those massive thighs are going to feel good wrapped around another man. They're big and hairy and his butt is also quite hairy. Hair swirling across is butt cheeks and trickling down his ass crack. And BD has exactly the kind of cock I love sucking -- a beautifully, plump and flared cock head, so you know you've got a dick in your mouth. What a sexy man!

  • Horny Thai guys fuck in the jungle


    Lee and Mark from GayAsianAmateurs are two of the hottest Asian studs that I've ever seen in action! I loved watching them together! What really turned me on was watching them be so naughty right out in the open like that! That's one rock and a hard place I sure wouldn't mind being between, I'll tell you that! Mark pounded Lee's ass so hard and Lee loved every second of it!

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  • Hot Ass


    There's nothing nicer to look at than a guy's hot ass. And Stuart here has a nice one -- beautifully round, smooth, and supported by two beefy thighs. I always like getting a guy in this position, spreading those two big mounds of flesh and diving in with my tongue. And Stuart's butt looks equally as hot when he's standing up. Some guys only have great looking asses when they're lying on their stomachs, but Stuart's butt looks pretty hot either way. Stuart's got a hard, smooth body. He's solid with round shoulders, hard pecs, and a sizzling six pack of abs. And he's a cutie, too -- short hair with longer tufts spiking in the front, sexy brown eyes, and a devilish grin. And Stuart is no slouch in the cock department. He's got an uncut cock with a plump, purple cock head and a loose hanging set of shaved balls. Stuart is one of the hot, new additions to UK Naked Men, and whether he's posing or lying on his stomach, you're going to enjoy looking at him.

  • How to Get Plenty of Dick


    Meet Jake Cruise. He's an older man who has figured out a way to get a never-ending stream of hot guys to play with and suck. How'd he do it, you ask? Simple - he started his own amateur website and he gets to lick, suck and play with all the dick he can handle! Any time Jake is in the mood for a different kind of guy, he's got it covered. He goes through his modeling applications or puts out an ad and voila!

    This is a pic of him with Sonny, a rough tattooed stud Jake couldn't wait to get his hands on. In fact, looks like he got more than his hands on this one!

  • Healthy Set of Balls


    I don't know how this hot, hairy man escaped my notice, I'm usually on top of these types -- well actually, I'm usually on the bottom, but you know what I mean. Ford Tuff is the latest hairy man update at Hairy Boyz and he's one of the latest appearing in a hot line-up of Raging Stallion DVDs. He's appearing in a hot new release called Manhattan and he gets his ass porked by Vin Nolan, a tough-looking bad boy with a killer cock who likes to fuck hard and rough. Ford Tuff is a cutie, he's very good-looking, with a full beard, close-cropped head, and sexy blue eyes. Ford's got a great cock, juicy and thick with a plump and suckable cock head. But what I love best about Ford is his healthy set of balls. I love a hot set of low hanging balls, the kind that you can really grab onto and hold in your hands. His balls really are huge, pretty much dwarfing his thick cock. I love sucking on a big pair of low hangers, and I particularly like holding onto them from behind while I chow down on a man's butt hole. Ford's got an amazing ass, nice and beefy and covered in hair with a hungry, hairy fuck hole. Hairy Boyz sure does know how to showcase some of the hottest fucking hairy men. I'm going to enjoy watching Ford Tuff getting fucked over and over again.

  • Mouth Full of Black Cock


    This cute - very cute - white boy has a secret. He loves black men. That's why he agreed to do a shoot for Black Seducer - to satisfy his love for ebony dick. You can see the way he grasps that shaft, the way his lips caress the hard dark meat, the way he looks into the camera as he starts to go down on it that he really loves doing it. Which is good, because there is nothing like an interracial blowjob!

    When it comes to interracial sex, nothing beats a mouth full of black cock!

  • Sometimes Ya Need a Helping Hand


    Sasha is one of the first guys Buzz West ever shot when he got started, and Buzz loves having Sasha back anytime. Sasha loves looking his best for the shoots, but for this one he worked out too hard. The result? A sore back. Whenever he leaned forward to reach for his cock, it made his back hurt. This didn't do wonders for the shoot. Finally Sasha said he was going to need a helping hand - and Buzz was more than ready to help out. Buzz says this is the nicest cock he's ever had the pleasure of playing with. Good thing he was there to lend a hand!

  • There's Something About Butts...


    Who doesn't love a guy with a great ass? Every man and most women I know take note of a guy with an outstanding rump. There are so many kinds of butts, and so many that look just great. There's slender twink buttocks, a nice round bottom, firm and muscular glutes - there are so many kinds of butts, and every one has something to offer :)

    Butts are something people talk about and even obsess about. I was searching on Amazon and found a list called Latino Men's Butts in Film and another about asian men's butts. And go to any men's underwear store and you'll find padded briefs for men who want to appear to have fuller, rounder cheeks.

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