• Straight and Hairy


    Dean is a horny, hairy straight guy - a married stock broker decided that jacking off for a porn site like New York Straight Men was just the kind of wild, spontaneous thing he never got to do before, so he decided to make his fantasy come true. The thing that stands out about Dean the most is his furry chest that a lot of guys would love to rub all sorts of body parts against. Some would consider Dean a bear while others might feel he's not beefy enough, but either way this is a chest any bear lover would love to shoot his load on!

  • Hard-Assed Top Man


    Muscular Patrick Ives is Hot Barebacking's spotlight stud this week. He's got a super hot body, toned and bulging in all the right places. And while Patrick has a friendly look to him, make no mistake, he's a commanding top. He has high expectations for his bottoms and he's always watching to make sure they don't fuck up. He's truly inventive in the many ways he chooses to use his bottoms. He loves a hard ass-pounding with nothing but pre-cum for lube. He's featured in a raunchy video clip at Hot Barebacking where he's give a jail cell mate's butt hole a good work over, first with his cock, and then, with a baseball bat. Look at that strong, muscular body of his, he has thrusting power and he can deliver a hard fuck. With his butt boy leaning over the cot, Patrick holds onto his butt and fucks him hard until his bottom begs for mercy. And then what does he do? He throws him on the bed and works a baseball bat into his tight hole. And when his bottom is almost complete spent, he throws another hard fuck into him. This is one top you'd want to experience.

  • Identification Overkill

    I understand that Internet-based businesses, like any business, must have an identity and a Marketing presence to draw attention and generate sales. This is usually achieved through typical methods such as company logos and advertising materials, and porn is no exception. However, there comes a point when the advertising can distort the product itself, at which point the dude behind the business is defeating his own goal.

    Most porn sites that produce original material generally have a customized logo that is displayed somewhere on each of their Web pages, photos and vids. This is logical and not usually an issue because most proprietors are smart enough to place the logo in an inconspicuous place, such as the bottom right or left corner of the image or vid, usually in relatively small print so that it doesn't obstruct the images that you are paying to see. It is simply common sense to do it this way, for if one makes the logo too big or too obnoxious, it is frustrating to the customer because that damn logo is in the way.

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  • What I Want for Christmas...


    This is Everette from Military Classified. I don't know how military he is but with those cleancut looks, muscled body and that very hard cock, I've just added this horny jock to my Christmas list!

  • I Love 'em Big and Horny


    JB is a very masculine man with a hard edge and a sexy UK accent. He's also one of the many people who have always dreamed of making an adult film and he finally decided to go for it. The guys at Blake Mason were pretty impressed when the interview was over and JB pulled out his mammoth manhood and went to work on it. Not only was is his cock really big, it stayed very hard because JB was really turned on and extremely horny to see people watching him while he jacked off!

  • I need you to take dictation


    Can you imagine this hairy hunk of a man calling you into his office. Maybe you've been caught stealing photocopy paper or some staples for home. And this bearded man is sitting behind his desk asking you what you thought you were doing. "You know you could lose your job. This is theft," he barks. "Yeah, well, I just thought ..." you stammer. As you fidget in your chair, your boss slides his chair back from his desk. Suddenly you see this big pierced cock emerging from under the desk. Your boss starts to loosen his tie and undoing his shirt buttons. "Well I'm sure we can figure out some way for you to save your job," he says, looking at you sternly. Your boss has a beautiful hairy chest, just as you imagined and fantasized about. But you never imagined things would pan out this way. Sucking your boss's cock is hardly punishment. "I'm sorry, Sir, it'll never happen again," you say as you get up and walk over to his side of the desk. You get down on your knees and just before swallowing his big nob of a cock head, you add, "Or maybe it will." This hairy man Jack Sullivan is the latest model getting naked over at Hot Older Male and he sure does get the fantasy juices flowing.

  • Mouthful of Cock


    Haiy Boyz cock sucker Remy Delaine has a mouthful of cock and it's a nice one! In this action gallery big-dicked Remy Delaine is teamed up with Arab man Ivan Andros. Remy spends some time getting to know the hairy man's cock and getting it really hard. He wants to feel a bone up his ass, so he's working hard to make Ivan's big, thick cock feel really good. With his cock twitching and ready for a hole, Ivan gets Remy on his knees on the bedrrom. Kneeling down on the floor, Ivan keeps his cock primed while he lubes up Remy's butt hole with his tongue. Then Ivan jumps up on the bed, lies back, and sits Remy on his big cock. Remy goes for a nice long ride with his own big curved cock flopping around and he pumps his ass up and down on Ivan's dick. There are some great close-ups of Ivan's dick sliding in and out of Remy's fuck hole. But the hottest scene is when Ivan rolls Remy over onto his back, hoists his legs, and really pumps his ass full of cock.

  • 69 Cock Sucking


    I love 69 cock sucking. Unfortunately I'm not very good at when I'm on the top. I have trouble doing more than a couple of things at the same time. I seem to have trouble synchronizing my mouth and my hips to move in different rhythms. So I do better in 69ing when I'm on the bottom. I can focus on giving the top guy the best blowjob of his life. But to be on the bottom of a 69 cock sucking scene, you need to have no gag reflex. You've got to be able to swallow a guy's cock any way he wants to stuff it down your throat. These two studs are Michael and Jherrard and they're the latest to appear on Jake Cruise. Michael is on the bottom in this scene and that's just as well because he's got a big cock with a super fat cock head. With Michael on the bottom, it gives Jherrard a fighting chance to swallow that big bone. Jherrard is no slouch either, but his cock is much more manageable plunging down Michael's throat. In the end, Michael ends up showing Jherrard how good his big cock feels -- Jherrad gets on his knees and takes Michael's huge cock up his tight butt hole.

  • Big Fat Cock


    Oh my! What more can you say about this big, fat cock. I love these cock sucker's views -- down on your knees and looking up at a beautiful cock like Xerxes's. Look at how round and plump his cock head is. And can't you imagine sucking that bone while this beautiful, hairy Daddy tells you exactly how to do it. I sure can. I've seen Xerxes in action in a couple of gay porn videos and he's a hot fucker. Hard muscled and hairy body, shaved bald head, sexy goatee, beautiful hairy chest, and a muscle so hard you could bounce the proverbial quarter off of it -- actually you could bounce a whole roll of quarters off his butt. And Xerxes is completely versatile, just as happy to take a bone up his ass as he is to give one. And this man works out in the gym seriously. He's not a once or twice a week type of guy. This sexy man is in the gym every day building those round, sculpted shoulders, hard pecs, bulging biceps, and ripped six pack. And wait until you see those thighs of his -- heaven. Xerxes is featured on Rear Stable this week and I sure do hope we get a chance to see him in some more Raging Stallion movies.

  • Oral Ecstasy


    Meet Tommy and Blake from Varsity Men. When I saw this pic, I thought it was one of the most erotic oral sex photos I have ever seen. So many things caught my attention - Blake's soft, lightly curled pubes, his foreskin pulled halfway down over the head of his uncut cock as Tommy's tongue touches the smooth hard head, leaving a warm, wet trail as it moves down. And Tommy's face looks like he really loves what he's doing, his eyes gently closed as he tastes that hard dick!