• First Gay Sex


    Until now, The Guy Site has featured only solo picture galleries and videos. They have had one scene with two guys -- Pault and Trent -- jacking off in the same room, but they didn't get near one another, and they certainly didn't touch one another. This week's update is special then because it features these same two guys, several months later, in the first gay sex scene at The Guy Site. TGS is a new find for me, I only discovered it about a month ago. I was impressed with the guys on the site because they're an eccletic collection of the kind of guys that turn on the site owner. So you're just as likely to see a fit and smooth, muscle jock as you are a bearded hairy man. In their first shoot together, they guys got naked and jacked off. The producer had to keep asking them to move closer together so they could both be in frame. There didn't seem to be any chemistry. After three months of negotiations with The Guy Site finally got them to agree to having sex with another guy on the site. Paul, the one with the close-cropped hair, was apparently read for another shoot with Trent right away, but Trent needed some coaxing. But once they got together, there was definitely chemistry. The interesting thing about this whole situation is that The Guy Site always gets the models to sign a picture. And Paul and Trent both signed their picture together, but someone put a heart around their names. I think we have something developing between a couple of "straight" guys. Don't you just love it when guys finally start to figure out who they really are.

  • His Body is a Work of Art


    Aaron from UK Naked Men is actually from San Francisco, but he's dating a UK pornstar. He's never done a shoot before, but he got together with the photographer from UK Naked Men and agreed that it would be very cool to do something on film rather than with a digital camera to show the difference.

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  • Irish Red Head

    Irish Red Head

    Don't you love a hot, red-headed Irishman? This is Doug and he's getting hard and jacking off at UK Naked Men. This 26-year-old is lean, standing 5'10 and weighing 140 pounds. His tight body is covered in fine, red hair and he's sporting a nipple ring. He's the typical Irishman: red hair, green eyes, and fair skin. His uncut cock is rock-hard from the moment he slips off his jeans, so we never do get a look at his foreskin. But his 7.5-inch uncut dick is quite nice with a very flared cock head. And even his pubes are red, like a burning bush at the bottom of thick pole. But my favourite picture of Doug is when he's kneeling on the sofa, jeans still around his knees, with his butt facing the camera. He's spread his cheeks wide and he's giving the camera a kiss with his perfect, blazing pink fuckhole. It's a delicious site. Doug loves holding his whole package by this tight set of balls, and then, waving everything in the air. Man, the red head sure does have a nice piece of meat. We don't often get to see Irish men naked, so this is a treat you're not going to want to miss.

  • A Horny Scot


    You gotta love Dex! He's from Scotland and all the guys at the Randy Blue studio just loved to hear him talk just so they could listen to his sexy scottish accent. Dex has got a handsome, boyish face and smooth hairless body that might make him seem inexperienced, but make no mistake about it - this is one horny guy! Even though this was his first shoot, he really got off on being watched. He's just pulling down his underwear and already his rod is hard and ready for action, foreskin pulled all the way back and his tool completely rigid. And did Dex ever love teasing Randy and the crew with his hard cock!

  • Bodybuilder Cop


    Dick Ruggeiro is a cop, and he loves to work out and build his muscles. He was lucky, and so were we - on his most recent vacation, Muscle Hunks offered him the chance to do a photo shoot at a muscle retreat weekend with several other bodybuilders. This is one of the pics from that weekend, and all I can say is damn - look at those bulging muscles! Dick's physique is as close to perfect as it gets. Look at those cut thighs and full shoulders. Abs I want to run my fingers across to feel the ridges. And even as every muscle is flexed and tensed, Dick's hard cock points upward. Looks like showing off his body makes Dick horny, which is only fair because looking at him makes us horny. Officer Ruggeiro can handcuff me anytime!

  • Giving it to the Boss


    If you have a suit fetish or have ever had a fantasy about sex with the boss at your office, chances are you already know about Men At Play. Well, when I went over there this morning, they had a new office sex shoot up starring Carlos and Glenn. Carlos is the boss and after properly disciplining his employee, Glenn, things get turned around. The next thing you know, Carlos finds himself turned on after that discipline session and soon he's loosening up his tie a little and letting Glenn, an incredible hunk, suck his cock - among other things. If my boss was as well-built and demanding, I'd really look forward to going to work!

  • Latin Jack Off


    Jose is a 19 year old amateur latino who wanted to be seen stroking his cock on a website so his girlfriend could check him out in action. Apparently it was his lucky day - he got recruited for a shoot at Miami Boyz Latinos. Jose is slender and not too tall, and he has a nice long 8 inch uncut cock.

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  • Massive Cock

    Massive Cock

    I'm not normally into blonde guys, but I sure would make an exception for Henry. Look at that piece of meat -- what a massive cock. It's 10 inches. And if you don't believe me, do the math. When I make a fist and measure across the width of it, my hand is about 4 inches. And Henry has two fists wrapped around his cock with a good couple of inches to spare. And this 20-year-old is big in other ways, too, he's a towering 6'1". And this blonde is covered in tattoos, a work in progress. Every where you look on his body, he's got the outline of another tattoo. Long horns just above his cock (hung like a bull, I guess), a coi on his arm, a couple of naked women across his chest. He's adorably cute, with blue eyes, luscious kissable lips, and he's even sporting a lip piercing. Lying back on the sofa, Henry has the most mischievous smile, he wraps his fist around his massive cock and does a one-handed jack off for us. He sprays jizz right up that tattooed belly and splattering his first jets of cum into the middle of his chest.

  • Straight Guy Fucks Again

    Straight Guy Fucks Ass

    Blonde jock Jeff is starting to loosen up over at Corbin Fisher. When he first appeared on the site in his solo jack off video, I knew he'd be back. He's precisely the type of man Corbin Fisher loves - fair-haired, well-built, smooth, with collegiate good looks. When Jeff was paired up with his first guy, Logan, for a blowjob, you could see that Jeff was tense. Corbin said at the beginning of the scene, "No touching above the neck." And I'm assuming that was for Jeff's comfortability since Logan was going to have a dick in his mouth. Jeff even kept his hands well away from Logan; I don't think he scarcely touched Logan in that video. A few weeks later, Jeff was back, but this time he was fucking Spencer. He didn't seem much more at ease than he did during his blowjob. He still kept his hands away from Spencer, and Jeff seemed to function better with his eyes closed. I was a little disappointed today when I saw Jeff was paired up with Nick in another fucking scene; I was really hoping that the next time we saw Jeff his legs would be in the air. But we are making progress with Jeff in his gay education. This week, not only does he touch Nick's cock in this video, but he actually kisses Nick and jacks off Nick after he fucks him. I wonder what's next and just how far Jeff will go. I'm betting that he'll do a group scene before he gets fucked.

  • Two Uncut English Lads


    Grant is 19 and he's new to modeling. He's also bisexual, has an interesting haircut involving plenty of shaving and has an uncut cock. English Lads pairs him with Toby, who has done a few other guys on video in the past and is also bisexual and uncut. The lads hit it off, and are soon teasing each other and showing off their oral skills. Then Toby shoves his cock deep into Grant's ass and soon Grant is begging Toby to fuck him harder! This newcomer to video has a hungry hole and keeps Grant pumping hard!