Underwear Expert

We've all been there. Maybe we carried books over our crotch in school, before moving on to briefcases, trench coats and attaché cases. Fortunately for these randy studs (and for us), they've got no reason to conceal their underwear torpedoes. Especially those who look like they were caught out in the rain.

Since the awkward days of popping woodies underneath the desk in homeroom, we've all learned a thing or two about positioning (strap that rocket to the side), and maintaining the right attitude (smile kid, you've got a secret weapon!). Our friends at The Underwear Expert shared a few of their favorite models and porn studs making the best of their dilemma.

Photo credits: Den Wok by Joan Crisol, James by Gert Kist, Jamie Dominic by Rick Day, Jesse Townsend by Tom Silk, Max Schutler for Unzipped, Tom Stapledon by Rick Day.

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