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Sexy, hairy hunk Ross Hurston finds himself in the Butch Dixon brig -- again! No matter what this soldier does, he always seems to find himself in a mess. Sergeant Carioca is tired of his shenanigans, and this time, he's going to teach him a hard lesson. The sergeant joins Hurston in the cell and tries intimidating him with his long billy club. When Hurston isn't impressed, the sergeant forces him to his knees and gives him another long, stiff stick to stare at. The private swallows Carioca's fat, uncut cock as if it were one of the easiest things he's even done all day. And the muscular black hunk loves feeling his sensitive cock head inching down the back of Hurston's throat. But this private isn't content to suck cock, he wants to see how much of that that fat dick he can stuff up his ass. Carioca bends him over the bunk beds and drills him hard. And in the end, Hurston opens wide and takes the sergeant's load in his mouth. But now the sergeant has a bigger problem on his hands: Hurston has had a taste of Carioca's juciy uncut cock and he's going to want more. And that means that this private will be spending a considerable amount of time in the brig!

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