According to a recently released study on such things: "Stubble conveys maturity and manliness with less of the macho aggressiveness implied by a full beard." Guys with full beards were seen as better parents (tell it to Charles Manson, Jr.), but in terms of general attractiveness, some stubble is where it's at. One limitation of the study is that it didn't include gay men. But do we really need a study to tell us what we like?

As stubble indicates a transition between smooth and bearded, let me take this time to support the TTB and the BTT communities. You may be familiar with FTM and MTF (as in female to male and male to female transgender/transsexual). But nobody ever makes visible the challenges and needs of the Twink to Bear (TTB) and Bear to Twink (BTT) communities. If someone in your life is transitioning between these gay cultural archetypes (and body types), please give that individual all the support in the world. And a gift card for Whole Foods. Everybody loves Whole Foods!

Now, here's some stubble. And why these guys when there are hoards of naked stubble dudes out there? That's the point. There are hoards of naked stubble dudes out there. No study needed! Except the kind of study where you study each directly.


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