Let me confess the truth to you right here - I love men's butts! It's almost an obsession. A perfect, firm ass turns my head all the time and a hot guy with a flabby ass just doens't do it for me. A man who fills out the back of his jeans is a joy forever as there is nothing quite like a bubble butt.

Booty, ass, butt, bottom, rear, posterior - whatever you call 'em, I can't get enough. My favorite guys are guys who with very firm and toned bodies who have just a little meat on their behinds. That's why when I found this pic at Shane Sixty, I knew it had found the perfect butt and I couldn't wait to show this pic off. I know it's gonna drive all you ass men as just crazy. Those are the cheeks that launched a thousand ships. Don't you wish you could get your hands on them? I know I do!

Enjoy :)

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