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According to the internet: "This is a magic and quick solution to giving you a beautiful set of lips that everyone will be jealous of. Simply take some toilet paper which is found in most households, and roll it up to a pencil shape. Once you have done this, pop the tissue under your top lip. If you would prefer both lips to look larger, then repeat the process and do the same with the bottom lip. Position the paper just under your lip, along your lip line. You will see immediate effects."

Awesome! Thank you, internet!!! Why am I shouting!?!?! Anyway, because of this tip, now you can have blow job lips with which to seduce that guy who is very picky about getting head only from a guy with blow job lips. And maybe after the sure to be successful blow job, you can find out for me if blow job is one word or two because I don't fucking no.

As for what happens during the act, your lips should be curled in anyhow (thus the phrase "No teeth, bitch!"), so the toilet paper should stay in just fine. It will be super pleasant. Not papery at all.

I wonder if it's possible to plump other parts of one's body using toilet paper. Perhaps some sort of crotch or bra stuffing, if I dare speak of such things. How risqué.

P.S. I already have the necessary lips. Just missing the dick in the mouth part at this very second. Maybe, after you're done plumping your face, I can go down on the toilet paper roll. Or forget that. I'm into size. So a Bounty paper towel roll. That's the "Reuse" part of "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle." Giving head saves the Earth.

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