Image Amplified

Image Amplified includes some of the absolutely sexiest underwear advertisements I've ever seen. The guys posed in nothing or in the softcore and gorgeous "brief" studies are mouth-watering examples of the fascinating mix of high fashion and pure lust. And, having said that, it is not really a gay rag whatsoever but a fascinating High Fashion magazine dedicated more to photography and images than anything else. And they certainly deliver high fashion, considering pure photographic talent. The pictures are just plain universally exceptional. Each entry is dignified by the photographer's name, awarding due credit and giving us a glimpse of the photographic talent now producing images for our hungry public.Creative as hell, most often spare - in black and white - the sensuality of these images is somewhat off the charts. This is the very definition of eye candy - but with additional chocolate and even some 'power sugar', added, to make a dessert far too tasty to take in at one sitting. Fascinating stuff here...

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