I'm Not Gay, He's Just My Bro!

Many times straight guys are afraid to show affection to other dudes for the simple fear of looking like a huge flaming homo, but times are changing and now straight guys can get away with some "gay" behavior by simply stating that they aren't gay, they are just doing guy things with their "bros"!

Chris and Gary are two guys that are not afraid two show each other how much they care for one another, and they have gone as far as to record a song and video for "Bromance". It's just 2 straight guys wanting to show some "brotherly love" without the fear of being judged. They just wanna do the normal things that all hetero dudes do together, you know like sharing a banana split, showering together, giving each other blow jobs..... no? Is that not considered straight acting?

I now leave you with Chris and Gary's new video for "Bromance" and you can have a look for yourself and take some tips for your straight friend you might have a crush on! These are some good ways to get "hetero" guys to do some not so "hetero" things! Enjoy!

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