Small Cock

Everywhere Corbin Fisher goes, he's thinking about us. He recently took a trip to a farm belonging to a friend, and while there he managed to shoot a scene with this farmboy, Tom. Living only an hour away from the farm, it was an easy jaunt over to whack one off for Corbin Fisher. Tom's a 21-year-old, country boy and rancher, and he's right at home in rustic surroundings. Actually I have to say that it's nice to see someone jacking off on something other than Corbin Fisher's bed or black leather couch. Tom has a great body -- lean and natural, a product of working on a farm. He's got a hairy chest, nice bright eyes, and totally masculine features that ooze studliness. Corbin Fisher has some fun shooting some outdoor shoots of Tom in his jeans and cowboy hat before they retire inside a cabin where Tom does his thing on a very rustic-looking bed. Corbin Fisher did bring along some of the regular guys on this trip, so we're going to be treated to some location shooting in the weeks to come.

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