I understand that Internet-based businesses, like any business, must have an identity and a Marketing presence to draw attention and generate sales. This is usually achieved through typical methods such as company logos and advertising materials, and porn is no exception. However, there comes a point when the advertising can distort the product itself, at which point the dude behind the business is defeating his own goal.

Most porn sites that produce original material generally have a customized logo that is displayed somewhere on each of their Web pages, photos and vids. This is logical and not usually an issue because most proprietors are smart enough to place the logo in an inconspicuous place, such as the bottom right or left corner of the image or vid, usually in relatively small print so that it doesn't obstruct the images that you are paying to see. It is simply common sense to do it this way, for if one makes the logo too big or too obnoxious, it is frustrating to the customer because that damn logo is in the way.

Case in point: I have found several porn sites run by buffoons who are clearly not testing their own materials to see how they look and to see if anything needs to be tweaked. I took a look at several sites with original vids, and some of them had logos in the corner of the vids that were so large and so distracting that they actually obstructed some of the footage. One foot fetish video was exceptionally hot until the logo was actually blocking the dude's feet for several minutes. A handful of other vids were blemished so badly with the logo that even the models' faces were obstructed. Again, I understand the legal need to place a logo on a product, but how stupid is someone to make it so large that it gets in the way of the action? It's a real turn-off to customers and reduces the pleasure of the experience significantly.

On a similar plane, I have found a high number of sites in which the vids are bogged down by tedious copyright and legal statements that run at the beginning of clips and seem to go on for an eternity. Of course, one can simply fast forward through it, so it's not a big deal in the long run, but it seems to me that if effort was applied, there are more efficient and discreet methods of displaying the necessary legal-nese that is required. The idea should be to keep it out of our faces, small and almost unnoticeable. The customers don't give a shit about legal requirements or company identification; the government does, so why make the customer have to deal with it?

How does this happen? With all the literature available on Internet business which spell out every detail of how to run a Web site properly to ensure maximum profit and user friendliness, there's really no excuse for making such ghastly mistakes'unless of course the proprietor in question didn't study up on Internet Business 101 to grasp the basics. As I've said before, the only way to make these dummies aware of their own lack of attention to detail is to tell them so. Sometimes just one e-mail can wake up a Webmaster and make them realize they've been sloppy. Of course, there are plenty of Webmasters who don't give a shit as long as the memberships keep coming in, but there's no hope for them anyway.

This problem is not widespread, but it's enough of an irritant that it's worth mentioning because I suspect some of you have been frustrated by logo obstruction. It's the same feeling we get when watching a Television program with a network logo splashed in the corner, which is not only distracting but can also burn a permanent image onto your TV screen. So enough with logo interference, Webmasters! Size does matters, as they say, but in this case, we would like the object in question to be much smaller. Who would've thought a gay guy would ever say that, huh?



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