Ivan is the kind of guy I would stalk. He He. I love his balding head and slightly hairy, naturally sexy physique. But what really gets me is his perfectly crafted thick uncut cock. I'm a real sucker for uncircumcised manhood. Yeah, I'm a sucker alright. UK NAKED MEN are certainly one of my faves when it cums to guys like Ivan. Sure, I like the big burly muscle dudes as well, but Ivan here reminds me of some very intense times I've had with guys similar to his profile. And what good times they were!


See what I mean? Is that not a perfect penis? Damn! I love writing about guys like this because the dirty part of my mind starts to reel with all kinds of nasty scenarios. Like perhaps chewing on his hood for a very very long time until Ivan is driven into a complete frenzy.


As nice as his front is. I really couldn't deny all of you a shot of his splendid behind. His rear end conjures up all sorts of nasty thoughts as well. How about a lengthy rimming session coupled with some intense reacharound action? Yeah baby!


One last fine shot of Ivan's spectacular ramrod. I'll be dreaming about this boy tonight I think. He just really does it for me. Of course, pretty well all of UK NAKED MEN'S luscious UK studs do it for me and many others. You just can't resist a studly hung celtic man. Especially one as ideal as Ivan.

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