Celebrity sites sure are starting to take up a fair amount of real estate on the internet these days. Most of the ones that I run into though are either pretty lame, pop up a billion windows and scare the hell out of you, or try to lead you to some paysite where you have to dish out a certain amount in order to see more pics of a particular star. iBaller seems to be fairly different though. For one thing, all the free galleries are actually that - free. Above the top menu you'll see "Hunk Of The Month" and "Babe Of The Month". By clicking on their pictures you'll be taken to a gallery of many more shots. Now, because this is a site featuring models, actors and popular folks, they show off the bold and the beautiful of both sexes of course. You won't see any serious nudity here, but if you can appreciate incredible hunks showing off their hardworked abs, and beautiful babes teasing in a hot bikini, then it could be a site which you'll enjoy. I really like that it doesn't seem to be a cesspool for gossip (pardon the expression but I'm not into that kind of thing), but a resource for just learning more about your favourite stars and being awed by their incredible good looks. A very professionally designed site with some cool content.

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