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On March 4 Naked Sword released their controversial film I Want Your Love in their online theatre. Last summer this gay indie film was sweeping through the gay film festivals and it was even recently banned in Australia by the film classification board.

Why was it banned? I Want Your Love isn't a gay porn video, at least not like we're used to seeing in Naked Sword's theatre, but rather it's a gay film about a 20-something-year-old guy's last weekend in San Francisco before he leaves the city for a new life and adventures. Throughout his goodbye weekend, Jesse Metzger hangs out with his friends, reminisces about old times and creates a few new sexual memories. I guess that frank depiction of gay sex in a film was too much for the Australian censors -- heaven forbid we see naked men rolling around in bed together.

Producer Tim Valenti said that he expected controversy when he agreed to produce the film, but he wasn't concerned. "I don't shy away from sex," he said. "And I knew that unlike mainstream distributors, we could help director Travis Mathews to produce a film that wasn't compromised by outdated ratings codes or theatrical discomfort."

If you missed I Want Your Love in its theatrical release, you can see it now at Naked Sword.

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