Can you imagine this hairy hunk of a man calling you into his office. Maybe you've been caught stealing photocopy paper or some staples for home. And this bearded man is sitting behind his desk asking you what you thought you were doing. "You know you could lose your job. This is theft," he barks. "Yeah, well, I just thought ..." you stammer. As you fidget in your chair, your boss slides his chair back from his desk. Suddenly you see this big pierced cock emerging from under the desk. Your boss starts to loosen his tie and undoing his shirt buttons. "Well I'm sure we can figure out some way for you to save your job," he says, looking at you sternly. Your boss has a beautiful hairy chest, just as you imagined and fantasized about. But you never imagined things would pan out this way. Sucking your boss's cock is hardly punishment. "I'm sorry, Sir, it'll never happen again," you say as you get up and walk over to his side of the desk. You get down on your knees and just before swallowing his big nob of a cock head, you add, "Or maybe it will." This hairy man Jack Sullivan is the latest model getting naked over at Hot Older Male and he sure does get the fantasy juices flowing.

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