Lately I've been noticing more and more latin sites around the web. There are a few that have been around forever, but more website owners are discovering what some of us always knew - there's something about latino guys.

Let's face it - latin men are hot. Is it their warm skin, dark eyes or their uncut cocks? Maybe it's that extra heat, that macho attitude. These guys are muy caliente and it really shows when they're stroking those hard latino dicks. It's hard to define, but something about south american men make me want to run my tongues all over their bodies and taste those rock hard dicks.

Sure, those juicy uncut cocks are worth jerking to. A man with smooth brown skin, muscled, the head of his penis with a hint of foreskin clinging all around and a drop of precum showing - oh, man! I love videos like this! In fact, I just can't get enough of them.


My favorite latino guys are amateurs. Don't get me wrong - pro models and pornstars from Mexico, Brazil and all over South America certainly get my attention. But amateurs from 19 - 30, they really turn my crank. Sites like Miami Boyz and Latin Jocks have all kinds of amateur latinos from cholos to college boys. And I like Papi, a site that shows lots of latin guys getting down at big gay parties.

The funny thing about latino sites is that they don't really describe the models like twink or black sites. Except for using words like spicy, latin sites seem to rely on sample pics of their guys to entice the surfers rather than on description. And that's fine with me. One picture is worth a whole lot of words when it comes to sexy latin guys!

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