Taz was a big hit when he did a solo shoot for Circle Jerk Boys. Showing off his tight, lean body, sexy tattoos, smoldering eyes, and talking dirty to the camera with his bad boy attitude, Taz put on a memorable show. With the holidays approaching, Circle Jerk Boys wondered if they could entice this straight guy back to do a duo with another guy. You see Taz had a fan. Sean literally emailed the site everyday for three months -- he wanted to be the one the break this straight guy's cherry. Taz agreed, but he said, "I fuck, I don't suck!" That was good enough for Sean and Circle Jerk Boys. And in spite of this not being Taz's thing, he put his all into the scene with the young, blonde guy, and what resulted was a pretty hot fucking scene. Once the cameras start rolling, Sean immediately gets down on his knees on the bed sucking Taz's big cock. Sean works his way up Taz's lean abs, and as Sean licks Taz's nipples, Taz grabs him by the back of the head and shoves his tongue down Sean's throat. Sean sucks Taz's cock for a long time, and then, he rides the tattooed stud's hard cock. They fuck in every conceivable position with Sean finally lying of his back, jacking off a huge load, with Taz pumping his ass full of cock.

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