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We haven't seen Dave for a while; he's been busy with school. (Yes, he's a real college guy.) But he finally found some time and squeezed in another session with Corbin Fisher. Dave's a hot guy and he's always been a lot of fun to watch. He loves kissing and he does it so well. But Dave is also a great top. And this week he's paired up with Travis, who has been fucked by three of the Corbin Fisher alumni. Travis admitted to Corbin Fisher that the entire time he's getting fucked, it feels like he's on the edge of a huge orgasm. Hello! That's why we like getting fucked, Travis -- it feels amazing! There's nothing like a juicy fat cock head sliding against your prostate! In this scene Travis goes for another ride and gets his ass serviced by Dave's big dick. And Travis doesn't just feel like he's going to cum, he explodes all over his smooth belly, and then, takes Dave's load across the face.

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