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As you all know, I am all for porn stars sharing every single tid-bit of sexy information with their fans. You know, things like how they love to wank before they get up and how they love to walk around naked in their homes. But recently some porn dudes have taken things a step too far and let us into a place few have gone before: MUNDANE REALITY.

It's all fine and dandy that hunky porn dudes want to let us into their world so we can get to know the "real" side of their lives, however I hardly think it is necessary or good for us to see EVERY SINGLE thing that happens in their "vidas!"

Case in point: Jeremy Bilding. He recently uploaded a pic of himself showing us how he had grown his hair out. First of all, do we really need to know that? Second of all, it looks as though a crazy Muppet died on his head; that is just so not a good look! When in doubt, keep it simple - it always works best.

Hopefully that was some sort of nasty wig from the Raquel Welsh Wig Collection he was trying on for fun 'cos it is just not happening. Let this be a lesson to all you porn studs out there: When questioning whether or not you should tweet about your latest ingrown toenail, when it cums to porn we want fantasy, when it comes to the mundane, in the words of the great Valarie Cherish: "I don't want to see that!"

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