tire swing nude guy

Every man in the world has done this exact thing. Including Gandhi, Zachary Quinto and Vice President Joe Biden. I could blame the caffeine and sugar load from all those sodas, or the psychological symptoms potentially caused by red minivans. But really, it's just that all men can't resist being naked in a tire swing, whether it ends up on film or not. Maybe it's the fact that it's a form of insertion. Or that the playground aspect of it brings a man back to a time before he was too self-conscious to do such things.

Yet this particular dude still tries to pretend he's passed out even as one hand grips tightly to a cord that seems about to break. He is not fooling anyone. A naked man in a tire swing is the new penetration and he can't help himself. In some regions, it's called axeling. In others, hubcapping. It's about to be a meme. Hopefully.

So I do understand men now. It's all about hole, whether small and pink and human or big and rubber and industrial. Excuse me while I go see if Amazon has free shipping on tire swings. I'm sure they sell them. That company is on top of all retail trends involving male nudity.

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