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Those of us blessed with big dicks have, at one time or another, either tried to suck our own dicks or see if we could shove our own cock up our ass. Hairy, Scottish man John Connery showed Butch Dixon that he can do just that - fuck his own ass, that is. John is a sexy, bearded man and he's packing a fat, uncut cock crowned with a plump nob.

In this Butch Dixon video, John talks about some of the sexual exploits he and his partner, Alan Knight, have gotten up to. (Alan is also a Butch Dixon regular.) They fucked in a bathroom in the Berlin airport and filmed it with their hand cam, and Alan fucked John's furry ass one night in the ocean in Mexico. But eventually Butch Dixon gets around to asking John about rumours he's heard that John can fuck his own ass. "Ay," John says, in this thick Scottish brogue.

John is sitting on a shelf and he hoists his legs up to his chest, then he pushes his fat cock down towards his butt hole. With a little bit of spit, John starts pushing his plump cock head inside his fuck hole. You can hear him moan as he feels his own cock entering his ass. Fuck! This is hot! Once John's done with the self-fucking show, he wraps his fist around his uncut meat and starts jerking it. And man, can this stud shoot a big load! He dumps his jizz all over that shelf, and not being one to leave a mess behind, John leans down and licks up his own spunk! That Butch Dixon sure does have a knack for finding the hottest men. If you head over there, you can take a peek at John's free preview video.

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