hypno chic

This is the same effect Crate & Barrel tries to achieve in its summer window displays. Hypnotizing you to let your guard down is the goal. But of course you want to let your guard down don't you? Just because you feel a bit shy and embarrassed at staring at where the swimsuit meets the towel and just because it starts to become difficult to tell where the swimsuit ends or starts and where the towel ends or starts doesn't mean that you need to stop staring because staring gives you a sense of scratching an itch because you're curious where the swimsuit stops and where the towel begins and you need to scratch that itch and even if you close your eyes you'll still see what you see when you see it the blue and white and the simple, peaceful beach and relaxed, open thighs and nude chest and tight stomach and high cheekbones and tiny nipples and it's so easy to relax a hundred times more deeply than a moment ago. A thousand times even. As you follow where blue meets white meets blue meets white meets blue meets white meets the blue of the ocean meets the white of the sun as you breathe deeply in and out and in and out and in and let it all go.

What was I talking about?

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