Miles Davis Moody SEXY

O.k if you saw the video for "Boy is a Bottom" them you probably know the face and of course the hot-as-fuck body. Now, with Rupaul's new video "Lollipop" you'll now not only remember his hotness but also his name: Miles Davis Moody.

Yup, this hunk has been setting the gay blogosphere on fire with his delicious puppy dog eyes and of course there is that body! In "Lollipop" he is wearing nothing but a lil'towel and he does things with his tongue that seriously gives me MEGA-BUTT-HONEY! So, who exactly is this stud? Well, on his twitter bio he says he's an actor, a model and a host. Hopefully one day soon he could add porn hunk to that resume cos he has got it all from what we've seen so far!

However, this is not the first time we have seen Miles showing off his goods. He was also featured in Jonny McGovern's video for "Dickmatized" which has become sort of a personal anthem for me and he get a good look at what he's workin' with and I gotta say it showed A LOT of promise.

So, I leave you now with this hunk showing us how you steal the limelight from 2 drag queens twerking expensive lacefronts. DISFRUTA!

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