Last week my slutty ass had the pleasure of going to the Eurocreme's 10th year anniversary bash and I got to meet all sorts of porn hunks. I had the pleasure of talking to porn newbie Bryce Cruiz and we hit it off right away. His hot and sexy smile not to mention his hot and hunky body had everyone at the party "standing in attention."

Bryce recently shot with hunk du jour Paddy O'Brian for UK Naked Men and I had an opportunity to ask him some questions about his involvement in this year's Hustalball in London and also about his future work with more studios.

When I asked him how he got involved in porn and if it's something he always wanted to do Bryce had this to say:

"I never grew up saying to myself I wanted to become a porn actor. I worked in various clubs and met lots of different people, some porn actors, dancers, strippers etc, its very appealing and it was a life that I wanted to create for myself after being around them for so long. I never could imagine myself in a 9-5 job and it allows me to branch into so many different avenues that I enjoy. It was a real process, I wasn't happy in myself so I changed the way I looked to fit the profile and it has really helped me with personal things that nobody could really imagine, there's a lot more to me than what people see but I choose carefully what I expose them to."


Bryce is the resident host at one of London's hottest clubs; Ku Klub and he told me that really loved that job and that is where he started "Cruiz Concepts" which he told me a bit about:

"Cruiz Concepts is all events that I create or am involved heavily with and started a live lounge called @KUstic through it which gives a platform for talented, undiscovered singers to work from. I knew the guys at Pride London, I turned it into a fundraising event in the run up to pride and they asked me if I wanted to dance on the main stage."

We then talked about his role in this year's Hustlaball London which he working along side fellow porn stud Marco Sessions.

"I was offered to perform by Jeffery David from last year when he was in the U.K for the Hustlaball London last year, I had just started in the industry so it was good promotion, Alex Erfan is one of the directors also & I have worked with Alex for years on various events so this year when they launched Hustlaball Brussels I was drafted in to work as assistant stage director with Marco Sessions who is a great friend and the Stage Director and from there they wanted me to do the Hustlaball London also.

Myself and Marco are really good friends behind the scenes so working together on such a great event is really the easiest job in the world. We have amazing performers coming from all over the world, Trenton Ducati is headlining, we have UKHOTJOCKS hosting the V.I.P room and Chi Chi LaRue will be filming at the event, with what we all have planned its going to be out of this world so make sure you grab tickets. As for my expectations its all about fun, we rehearse to a certain degree but we are all professional, we have a laugh and its an amazing time... and that just in the dressing rooms! Also will be performing so that's an even better reason to come."

Bryce Geoffrey Joe 012

Finally we talked about how porn had changed his life and what it means for him to work in the porn industry. I also asked him if he thought that working in porn made people think differently about him and he had this to say:

"A lot of people do look down on porn actors and have that view, but it's slowly changing and I want to encourage that as much as possible. I have never viewed it that way even before being in the industry, to bare all takes balls and we all have plenty of those. When people meet me on a personal level they are surprised at how normal i am and the same with a lot of other actors. What people forget is that we are 'actors' the way we are onscreen, shows etc is a performance and doesn't necessarily mean that we spend our free time in the same way. I have an amazing group of friends and family that know I'm smart and business minded and I have been good at making the right choices so they support me, finding love is hard but that will come when its good and ready."

It was really cool talking to Bryce that night. He has this sexy charm about him that will no doubt take him very far in the porn world and I know that we'll be seeing so much more of this stud this year and beyond!

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