Hunkspedia also goes by the name "Male Celebrities Directory". What we have inside the many pages here is an overview of an amazing number of celebrities - from Brad Pitt to Piolo Pascual, divided by categories: Actors, Athletes, Models, Musicians and an A-Z directory for quicker linking and browsing. Inside each page are at least 3-5 pictures and/or some embedded videos featuring each subject. The pictures of Brad Pitt, for example, show him playing basketball on the beach, a shot from the movie "Troy" (at his very most scrumptious and buffed out), and other, more informal looks at this handsome guy. I was rather amazed at the pictures of a stunningly well-muscled Jake Guyllehaal - I mean - whoa! I guess someone went and got big! There are no surprises in general, outside of seeing the odd picture of someone one might have missed, but the completeness and the general Eye Candy effect of all these studs gathered in one Hunkspedia such as this causes some definite diversion at worst. These are some of the hottest guys on the planet. For that alone, one does not have to leave the comfort of the computer to browse dam near pretty much all of the mainstream hotties there are.

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