I'm sure we've all heard of wikipedia. How about hunkspedia? It claims to be an online encyclopedia of hunky guys all over the web. From well known international celebrities to the boy next door types, you get bios, latest showings, along with a few pics of each dude. There isn't a whole lot of emphasis on anything hardcore. Most models are showing off a little skin here and there and some aren't even undressed. From the looks of it this is a fairly new blog as things are just getting generated. It's very well organized and there is lots to see, but as far as being a full-fledged encyclopedia - that will remain to be seen. If you prefer things a little more tame and are interested in learning more about male models throughout the world, then this could be a place to learn a thing or two. But if it's hardcore, ass-in-the-air, cock pounding gay sex you seek, you won't find it here.

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