COLLIN O'NEAL never ceases to amaze me with the absolutely fantastic looking men they manage to acquire for their content. Gorgeous faces, perfect toned bodies and huge cocks seem to be a prerequisite of which they honour faithfully. Today we feature Julian Vincenzo and Dakota Rivers. Both are well known for giving us nothing but some of the best gay porn action in the biz. Julian takes charge in this scene and takes Dakota's smoking hot ass and mouth on a journey he'll never forget. With a hard-as-iron ass getting pounded by a just-as-hard cock, how can you go wrong?


"Don" Vincenzo gets right down to business on Dakota's perfect behind. There's something so primal and natural about a man kneeling in front of another man devouring his anus. Julian looks as though he was born with a tongue to do the job too! Damn, I'd love that thing up my ass!


There it is! What we all look forward to when two sizzling beasts like these guys get together. Julian indulges himself with some ass pounding. Dakota is taking it like the pro he is. Fuck he looks good taking that big cock, huh?


Well it looks as though that ass was a little too tight for our italian hunk's huge dick as he blows a thick load of man jizz all over beauty Dakota. COLLIN O'NEAL has been very kind and supplied a free video gallery for our perverted amusement. This is some seriously hot stuff guys. Don't miss it in the least!

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