Hunk Plaza shows a frank and honest appreciation for men - their bodies and their essence in general. It is the stated purpose on their home page: "an homage to the male body". They pull it off. Large sumptuous pictures adorn this photo-rich website, displaying males, their muscles in smooth detail, to the point of 'near sensation' - you almost smell them, the sense of immediacy is so well-presented. This is a well-presented adoration, complete with monstrous photos of the hottest male models in the world. Close-ups are a specialty - long scrumptious looks at smooth muscles, body hair, over the entire length and breadth of these sexy guys. The author seems ambitious enough to solicit pictures and art work from both other models and photographers, leading me to believe he is very invested in his realm of hot males and their artistic and sensuous representation. What is accomplished here is nothing short of the best eye candy imaginable. One can spend a lot of time perusing this interesting bit of adoring. This is a very well-done work, by any criteria.

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