Phenix Saint is an aspiring pornstar who's very serious about his career and his fans. He takes all suggestions but one - so far, no one has convinced him to bottom in a video. When Phenix heard on his My Space from a guy called Mason, the two started to talk, and they had a lot to talk about. Mason is also in gay porn - he's about the best bottom around, so after the two exhanged several emails, what happened was inevititable. They decided to do a shoot for Mike Hancock.

Talk about chemistry and heat! When Phenix and Mason got together, it was incredible! These two couldn't wait to get going.


Of course, Mason did admit to the photographer that he'd had his eye on Phenix for a while. He knows a talented top when he sees one, and Phenix was everything he hoped for and more!



When it comes to fucking, Phenix shows no mercy. He uses that beautiful cock to pound Mason like he hadn't been pounded before, which made it a great scene for Mason - and for the members at Mike Hancock!


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