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Men at Play is starting the year off with a bang. This week they debuted Hungarian hunk Sean Lawrence, and in fact, this is his first foray into gay Internet porn. And I'm certainly very, very happy that this men in suits site has discovered and recruited him. I can't wait to see what they have in store for him. Is he going to be fucking ass with his fat, uncut cock? Or will he be bending over the boss' desk and taking a hard ass fucking while hoping for a promotion?

Sean Lawrence takes your breath away. He's handsome with beautiful blue eyes, blond hair, and a couple of days worth of face scruff. He's masculine, sexy, confident - he's drop dead gorgeous.

And it gets better. When he finally strips out of his suit, his body is nicely built and covered in fur. And if you like men with hairy legs, you're going to love Sean. Of course I'm always a big fan of uncut dick and Lawrence has a juicy fat one. He jerks off in this scene from Men at Play and pops his load like a champagne cork. 2012 is going to be a very good year, well at least until December 21 when it all goes to shit and the earth explodes.

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