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Imagine being blessed with an 11 1/2" cock. My lord, the holes you could ruin with that thing! The bliss you could induce in those who are willing to take it all. You may have seen hugely hung Matt H before. If you have, I'm sure you remember him. I mean, who could forget him?! Gorgeous as hell and hung like a stallion, BLAKE MASON sent us some shots of Matt opening up cute and adorable Ricky with his monster fuck piston. You can't miss this!

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Ricky can't resist the urge to try and swallow Matt's humungous pole. A cock like that does something to the human psyche. Anyone who sees it has to have it. Fondle it, kiss it, suck it. Anything to be closer to it and get to know it. For something this big doesn't cum along every day. Better sieze the moment while you can. Ricky knows.

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Ricky is obviously a very horny young lad. Not to mention extrememly bold. He's taking most of what Matt is packing as you can see. It must feel out of this world to have a dick that big up your ass. Lucky bastard! Ricky is hard as steel as he works this gargantuan phallus inside him too. Oh baby!

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From the look on Matt's face he knows what he can do with his extraordinary tool. Ricky's only got about an inch to go before his anus has inhaled the whole 11 1/2". Fuck, that's hot! BLAKE MASON never ceases to amaze us. All of their scenes are as sizzling as this one. Huge cocks and tight willing asses attached to the most gorgeous men. So check them out and get filled...right to the hilt!!

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