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Hung Down Under is more than just a pretty name. It is exactly what the title says. These are almost all what we call "world class cocks" - pretty much all huge and all most definitely appreciated with the relish we like seeing in a hot web site. In the episode featured here, Grant and his hot lover Jake are considering doing some baking - cupcakes, actually. There is a smattering of gabbing about the cooking but things take a quick departure and those cupcakes finish a very distant second place as Grant runs his hand over Jake's huge dick, pulls it out and then begins slobbering and chomping down this different sort of "food". Needless to say, this leads to more fucking around, including some more guzzling foreplay before Jake sends his huge cock not just deep into Grant's willing mouth but also right up into the asshole of his red hot and all-too-ready mate. Their moans and the struggles to get yet more loving for each leads to an amazingly creamy finish as they both explode cum to the satisfying sounds of the very hottest climaxes. These "down under" boys really know how to cook!

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