Hugh Shoots Huge Load of Cum Hugh Shoots Huge Load of Cum

Hugh is a sexually curious straight guy in need of some dough. Why not get massaged on film for cash? After all it is not like he is doing anything that risque. He is just getting his body oiled up and massaged for the world to see. What harm would it be?

Though Hugh has gotten his share of 'happy endings' from women, he has never gotten one from a guy. But what difference does it make? Hugh is comfortable with his own sexuality. Hand is a hand.

Lying face down, one is has immediately struck by Hugh's round bubble butt. It is a beauty! The masseuse has noticed Hugh's rear end as well. During the massage he keeps coming back to Hugh's ass. Sensing that this massage is turning Hugh on, the masseuse decides to go for it. He begins to finger and rim Hugh's hole. It becomes noticeable that Hugh is enjoying this as his cock stiffens.

Switching sides, Hugh displays a dick that is hard as a rock. Taking this as a sign, the masseuse began to suck that cock for all its worth. Between slurping and jacking off Hugh's piece of meat, it doesn't take long for him to shoot his load. And wait until you see that cumshot. It travels clear across to the other side of the table! Don't believe it? Go to the video and see for yourself!

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