Nope. But naked Jean Valjean if he'd stayed in prison until his hair turned gray and his nipples ballooned up for no reason and he fashioned a cock ring out of the dental fillings of prostitutes and his dick got Hugh Jackman hard and he took a break from prison and time traveled so he could relax on a 21st century couch for your pleasure. Absolutely!

And if you're wondering why Jean Valjean now when Les Miserables is long gone from theaters, it's always time for Hugh Jackman. Remember, the Wolverine sequel (uninspiringly titled The Wolverine) is coming soon to a sexual fantasy near you. It's like if Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan had instead been called The Star Trek.

So enjoy The Hugh Jackman Cock. Soon to be a ride at Universal Studios theme park.

hugh jackman naked

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