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Paulo Bertoli is an imposing character. His lean, 6'4" frame and shaved head give him the edge of a skinhead who doesn't look like he'd take much guff. "Get on your knees, Pig, and suck my big cock!" I imagine him barking. But he cleans up pretty nicely, too, as you'll see in this UK Naked Men gallery. Those loose-fitting trousers of his don't reveal a thing, so when he finally fishes out his cock, it's a delicious surprise -- 10 inches long, fat, and uncut. Cock suckers must be lined up in the back rooms of bars waiting to slobber all over Paulo's huge piece of meat. And I'd be right there along side them. A couple of UK Naked Men's guys have felt the full thrust of that impressive dick and lived to tell the story. You'll be treated to numerous photo galleries and a couple of hot videos of this edgy stud throwing a punishing fuck into a couple of juicy butt holes.

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