Huge Spanish Cock

Ben X from Bentley Race says the biggest attraction for him on his last visit to Barcelona Spain was all the extra large dicks. Hey, if you've got one, show it off, right?! A few men stepped up to the plate for a shoot and one of them was gorgeous, very well endowed Spaniard - Astroboi. Apparently that's his real name too. The boy is pretty wild too, proving this fact by whipping out his massive man meat right on a first floor balcony for everyone to see! The main shoot was done inside though and Astroboi was ready to go at a moment's notice. His huge cock already hard in his sexy sport shorts. As you can see, the man is packing a serious piece of man meat between his athletic legs. Very long, very fat and so damn suckable. Astroboi is pretty tall too by the looks of it and I have to admit I like the moustache. You don't see them very much on guys these days. Astroboi is a keeper without a doubt!

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