Huge Muscle Man

A lot of people say - or think - that huge muscle men have such big muscles because they're over-compensating for a lack in another department. That sure isn't the case with Karim. This bodybuilder turns my crank in so many ways, least of which is the size of his big cock. When I first saw Karim's face, I said outloud, "Hello, daddy!" What a hot, fucking man. He's so good-looking and he has those daddy qualities about him. And with those huge muscles, he wouldn't have any trouble keeping me on my knees. His body is the epitomy of strength and beauty. Look at those huge shoulders and bulging biceps. His biceps are massive. And unlike most bodybuilders, Karim lets his body hair grow, which is such a turn-on. And finally, we have to talk about that big cock of his. It's so fucking long. He's got to be about 9-inches long soft. Look at it just hanging there with his Prince Albert dangling off the end. Does it get you salivating? It sure gets my cock sucking muscles limbering up.

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