Huge Cock

Joey is a cute, red-cheeked 22-year-old with a huge dick. Joey starts off his photo shoot and video wearing a baggy pair of jeans and loose-fitting t-shirt. His left arm in sleeved in tattoos and he's bare-footed. He slowly lifts up his t-shirt and reveals a very ripped six pack. He strips off the rest of his clothes and his body is lean and very chiseled. This only seems to accentuate and draw attention to his huge dick. Actually, it's not really that big ... it's only 8 inches long, but Joey is only 5'8" and weighs 150 pounds, so his dick really stands out. It's thick and veiny, and when he squeezes it in his fist, I just about cream myself. It really is a cock sucker's dream come true. And wait until you see the load of cum he shoots. He aims his huge dick at his thigh and blasts all over it. Thick gobs of cum dripping down his thigh. It'll have you licking your lips.

Super Fat Cock

Extra Big Dick

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