Geezuz ... what more can you say about that huge cock? Why is that the tiny guys have the biggest cocks? Julian here stands 5'8" and weighs 140 pounds. He's even got tiny size-seven feet. But his cock - a whopping 9.5 inches and almost 6 inches around. And I guess that's why he calls himself Julian Lecoq. Julian's very lean, with brown hair and blue eyes. His body is mostly smooth except for his legs, which are very hairy. And I'm not sure where he hides it because when he's wearing his jeans, you can't tell that he's got a huge cock between his legs. Julian gets naked and lies back on the bed and gets his big cock good and hard. Then he fills the bathtub and takes a relaxing bath, where he continues to pump his meat. After a long soak, he's back on the bed to finish off what he started there. After a good pumping session, Julian Lecoq drenches his six pack with cum.

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