A lot of sites claim they convince straight guys to get naked for them - or more. But how can a site arrange to get their hands on some straight meat? Well, photographer Buzz West has one method that he uses when he wants more than a solo from a skittish straight guy - the massage! After all, it allows the masseuse to help the straight guy relax, and also lets him get more comfortable with having another guy's hands on his body. Then once he's good and relaxed, and he's used to the masseuse's touch, the masseuse can gradually move his hands toward the prize...

Take Buzz's recent model, Coby. He said he considered himself open-minded, and Buzz decided to do the massage himself. He started out on Coby's neck and shoulders - just a regular massage.


Buzz let his hands wander toward Coby's cock and ass, but never too close - not yet. Getting him relaxed was important at this stage. Coby began to get goosebumps as Buzz continued the massage.


And then it happened - when Buzz went for Coby's ass, Buzz could tell that Coby had an erection that he hadn't mentioned. So Buzz got bolder, little by little, and his stealth paid off as he got to finger Coby's ass and give that cute straight boy a handjob!


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