How To Bottom Like A Porn Star

Michael Alvear is one busy guy. With so many eggs in one basket he is the author of several books, syndicated gay sex columnist, biweekly op-ed column, freelance feature writer, TV host and radio commentator. How does he find the time do all this? Obviously he has because he has found time to write year another book. This one a gay sex-ed book entitled How To Bottom Like A Porn Star. The Ultimate Guide To Gay Sex.

Don't expect to find this book under the name of Michael Alvear. He uses his pen name Woody Miller as the author of the book. Which is the same name he uses for his gay sex column Need Wood. Asked why he uses a pseudonym he says, "It's a business decision. I'm not ashamed of the column, but I don't want my other work to be turned down by major publications just because an editor might say, "Oh, he teaches people how to butt fuck. We can't run him."

This is one comprehensive book that takes the reader behind the scenes at gay porn shoots. Cameramen, scouts, producers, directors and gay porn performers were interviewed to share their secrets on the best ways to bottom. Add to that practical advice from colo-rectal specialist, psycho-physiologist, physician, and even a yoga guru.

Sections include: how you can take huge tops without pain, how to stay loose during day long shoots, how porn stars relax their sphincters, breathing techniques to eliminate pain, the pros and cons to douching and having an enema and so much more!

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