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When Austin first arrived at Corbin Fisher, I doubt he believed that he would ever be down on all fours getting boned by another hot guy. But looking into the gay porn crystal ball and this is exactly what Austin would see. But first this good-looking and well-built athletic guy would find himself getting his first blowjob from another guy and fucking his buddy's ass. (See more in the Gay Demon blog Straight Guy's First Oral and Anal Sex.) And then, fast forward to a few months later, and Austin is getting boned by one of Corbin Fisher's hottest studs -- Cade (see more in Gay Demon's Cock-Hungry Stud Bottoms.) And after three more horny fuck sessions where Austin offers up his tight butt to the Corbin Fisher alumni, this stud is taking yet another cock up his ass! Just how straight is this guy? But this final pairing with dark-haired stud Joel is perhaps the most energetic and enthusiastic fuck scenes Austin has filmed -- I guess he's really getting into cock! And you're going to love the finale where Austin is rocking back and forth doggy-style on Joel's hard dick, pushing them both over the edge!

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